by Daniele Di Camillo

Geiger Foundation´s new july exhibition

Navigating the seas and oceans using one’s imagination, fantasizing being on board a vessel: this is the strong fascinating inspired by the exhibition “Velieri. Grandi storie di mare” organized by the Herman Geiger Cultural Foundation on its premises at piazza Guerrazzi, 32 in Cecina. Starting from 7th July it will be possible to admire models of real and true nautical myths from the past: from the Golden Hind to the Victory, from the Santa Maria to the Endeavour, protagonists, together with their commanders of extraordinary feats in what were the golden years of sailing. Starting with the first 15th century ocean voyages and ending a little more than a century ago with the epic of the extremely fast clippers, this era deeply changed the knowledge about the world and the perception of times and distances, opening up to what was different and exotic, in a continuous succession of scientific progress and technological evolution.
The models of ships, scientific instruments and navigation memorabilia all tell the fascination and dangers of journeys on unknown routes, of life on board, the meaning and importance of the discoveries, trading and battles which have been crucial for the course of history. The exhibition is divided into four themes: explorations, wars for supremacy of the seas; corsairs and pirates; trading with the Indies. In the first section, for example, we find Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria, James Cook’s HMS Endeavour, Amundsen’s Gjøa with a collection of ancient navigation instruments such as compasses, octants, binoculars. In the second, the choice of the models exposed keeps in mind the major naval battles fought for the domain of maritime traffic and the supremacy of the seas: the battle of Lepanto, the Anglo-Spanish war, the battle of Trafalgar. The third section illustrates stories of corsair and pirate ships such as the Golden Hind, set on plundering enemy sailing ships. Finally, the fourth and last section exhibits Spanish galleons, whalers and clippers such as the Flying Cloud and Cutty Sark accompanied by satins, exotic woods and spices and products from the orient and eastern colonies. The exhibition is open every day from 7th July to 16th September, from 6.00pm to 11.00pm, free admission.

“Velieri. Grandi storie di mare”
Period: 7th July – 16th September 2018
Opening hours: from 6.00pm to 11.00pm
Fondazione Culturale Hermann Geiger
Piazza Guerrazzi 32, Cecina (LI)
Free admission

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