by Fiammetta Casprini, ph. Marco Magazzini

The past becomes present.
Long forgotten, “Teatro Rinuccini”, the largest private theatre in the Tuscan capital now returns to its ancient splendor. Placed in what was once the dwelling of the noble Rinuccini family the theatre is now ready to set off. Let us take a step back in time to understand its history. During the 18th century, in the large room which was used as a library, various cultured readers, in the company of silent statues and busts, were able to leaf through more than twenty thousand volumes belonging to the noble family. In the century that followed, the library was changed into a theatre but inside it, it is still possible to catch a glimpse of the original elements recalling its previous life.

The vaults frescoed by Giuseppe Zocchi, perfect and harmonic, which still decorate the room, tell of Aristippus’s shipwreck. The palace is currently owned by the City of Florence and hosts the State Lyceum Niccolò Machiavelli. Thanks to the synergy that has been created amongst the parties, the refurbishment of the premises has reached its end and the two theatrical companies of the school can now perform. On the occasion of its opening the theatre has been named after Ottavia Rinuccini, esteemed member of the Florentine family and known all over the world as the inventor of melodrama.

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