by Flavia Massimi

In the heart of Florence there’s a place which has made genuineness its driving force: Simbiosi Organic is a restaurant/pizzeria where you can find healthy and organic dishes without giving up on taste. The various kinds of flour used are stone ground and strictly organic, as are all the other ingredients: ancient grains, easy to digest, light, very hydrated doughs, paired with both traditional and gourmet recipes. The many collaborations with farms, farmers and small family-run businesses do not only guarantee the naturalness of the product but also a direct producer-to-consumer relationship.
After the huge success with the pizzeria, Simbiosi introduced a new project: Organic Pasta. Fresh homemade pasta, strictly made with organic Italian flour and eggs. The common denominator remains the organic element and the seasonality of the raw materials to which a special à la carte is matched dedicated to a selection of organic and biodynamic wines.
We met the owner, Donato Crivelli, who told us some peculiarities and features of his Simbiosi.

How long has the eatery been open and how is it run?
“There are two separate eateries, a pizzeria and a restaurant, side by side, we opened the pizzeria three years ago, the restaurant a year and a half later. I try to keep the all aspects of organic agriculture and products from small producers for both”.

What’s the philosophy behind the pizzeria and the restaurant?
“The philosophy is philo-biological and tied to products of this territory and the small enterprises. For example, the meat is not organic but it co mes from a trusted butcher in the Chianti, from whom we get mostly cured meats which he makes at the back of his shop just as they used to in the past. Even if it is certified organic, we avoid getting meat from the large scale distribution chains. We take great care in all that is quality and the origin of the production, strictly local.

What are the specialities?
“For the pizza we use semi-wholemeal flour coming from small producers, trying to create a union between “eating healthy” and “eating tasty”. In the restaurant our speciality is doubtlessly the pasta, branded Simbiosi Organic Pasta made with organic flour with wheat germ. Amongst the various specialities surely the most sought-after are the pappardelle al cinghiale (wild boar pappardelle) in honour of tradition and a typical Tuscan taste.

SimBIOsi Restaurant
via Dei Ginori, 56r, Firenze
Tel. 30 055 0640115
e-mail contatti@simbiosi.bio

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