by Silvana Iannaccone, ph. Ferruccio Carassale

Biosystematic architecture at villa La Sughera on the hills of Versilia

Tiziano Lera, widely-known urban architect, is the creator of the so-called biosystematic architecture aimed at the recovery of biomasses. For Tiziano Lera, water – in all its infinite directions, through the course of the land, in the growth of plants – creates a magic that, following the path of the sun, represents his professional style, his art. Lera has demonstrated his equation creating a balanced harmony between environment and construction through architecture. Artists such as Botero, Cascella, Ciulla, Barberi, Tongiani, Mitoraj and others have been able to include their works in his architecture but in many cases it was the same Architect himself who thought up settings and creations of his own devising. In the garden of his house, sculptures sprout up seeming part of the landscape.

How are you able to join art and nature?
“It is normal for me! I’ve always seen the beauty of Italy, especially Tuscany, as a reality where art, especially sculpture, blends perfectly with the landscape. I’m friends with important artists who have given me their works in these years. I, myself, am a sculptor and I have a corner at home where I used to sculpt marble with some friends. Even the twelve and a half metre Salamander was made there.”
Lera has shown the actual possibility of successfully interpreting respect for man’s needs with those of nature. The shape and function of a building does not just end there but they communicate with space and nature in perfect harmony. His concept of architecture is the fusion between history, culture and art. Tiziano Lera is a bioarchitect in the true sense of the word, whose vision is constantly projected in the future. In his vision of architecture, materials take shape stimulated by the nature they are surrounded with. The transformation, in the project’s very being, is an added value exalting the landscape, rebuilding the identity of a place where to live better. An example is the project presented in Shanghai Grattacielo che non offende il cielo (The skyscraper which does not offend the sky) where he recovers the biomass with vertical greenery.

What is the major attention an architect must have for his project?
“I wouldn’t talk about attention but I’d call it love. An architect must withhold and reveal the dreams of those who come to him, he must be aware that he’s going to do something which is not his style but he goes to dress up other people’s dreams. Dreams which I try to make true using materials which acquire patina and taste in time, as I also did for my studio at Forte dei Marmi, on the sea.” Despite destiny putting him up against painful experiences, Tiziano Lera did not lose faith in his professional commitment, in mankind and life in general. As well as sublime professional art, the respect and sensibility he shows, make him the extraordinary man he is.

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