by Carolina Natoli

The art of flavour Made in Italy

In the heart of Florence, in the historic Palazzo Frescobaldi just a few steps away from Ponte Santa Trinità, Gelateria Santa Trinità has been delighting the most discerning palates for over ten years, every day with real artisan Made in Italy gelato. Its founder, Paolo Settesoldi, has transformed this job into a real and true art, treating each flavor with passion as though it were a work of art also thanks to the experience gained in his previous ice cream store in the historic district of San Frediano. Quality and freshness of raw materials used are at the heart of the philosophy of Gelateria Santa Trinità, producing over 40 flavours every day with a continuous turnover in the 30 basins in the shop window amongst ice creams, sorbets and semifreddos. Paolo pays extra special care in the choice of the products he uses to make his famous gelato. An example? Milk and cream used in the shop are chosen personally on the production site and extremely fresh products arrive in Florence every day. The same goes for the cheese: “It is absolutely forbidden to use powdered ingredients to make, for example, the Cheesecake flavor,” Paolo remarks, “fresh ricotta cheese and Philadelphia are the right ingredients. The same is for the Mascarpone flavor or Ricotta, served with figs.” Star of the the Gelateria Santa Trinità is Sesamo Nero (Black Sesame), where the seeds are imported directly from Japan. Add Cioccolato d’Austria to this, a three-layered flavor with dark chocolate, dark chocolate cream and apricot jam. To round off, the historic Santa Trinità with fresh mascarpone cheese and Nutella. Ice cream cakes and mignon semifreddos are a ‘must’. In the ice cream store there is also a shop selling an excellent selection of typical Tuscan products, from wine to balsamic vinegar, from the precious truffles to wafers from Montecatini.

Gelateria Santa Trinita
Piazza Frescobaldi, 11-12/r (Ponte Santa Trinita)
50125 – Firenze
Tel. 055 2381130

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