by Fiammetta Casprini

Amongst cosmos, planets and stars
Florence, centre of the artistic universe

With the approaching summer season, the Medici court opens once more to the public and for the third consecutive year offers itself to exhibitions and events centred round contemporary artists. From 2nd July to 14th October, Forte Belvedere will host “Gong”, a vast exhibition curated by Sergio Risaliti dedicated to Eliseo Mattiacci. Amongst the great names of contemporary art Mattiacci certainly holds a prominent role, thanks to his avant-garde character. Pioneer of Italian art in the Sixties, the artist has always distinguished himself for the unconventional use of materials, starting from sand, from glass up to the great burning passion for metals. “Gong” is an artistic itinerary of an astronomical inspiration which brings together the artist’s most important works, aimed at exploring the cosmos, planets and stars, rhythms and geometries which belong to the infinite universe. Twenty sculptures and eighty drawings, all unknown, will animate in a riot of shapes and different materials, the exterior of the Forte and inside the Palazzina. Florence, with each year that passes, confirms itself the capital of the artistic and cultural world, vibrant and dynamic city and not just the cradle of the Renaissance.

(In the Picture: Eliseo Mattiacci, Colpo di Gong, 1993)

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