by Cristina Panigada, ph. Simona Romani, Marco Moscato

A Land Art project amongst the vineyards and olive groves of Colle di Bordocheo

Barbara Chelini’s project “Residenza d’Artista” at Colle di Bordocheo on the hills of Lucca, born just a year ago, this year is dedicated to visual arts and especially to Land Art (also called Earth Art or Ecological Art) with works directly on the natural landscape through which the artists recover their attachment to nature, working on it, changing it and leaving a personal mark of their passage. This project, coordinated by Daniela Gorla, has involved five more artists: Anna Mainardi, Etta Rossi, Maia Pacifico, Mario Quadraroli and Uberto Gianoli aimed at recovering and gathering memoires of ancient local traditions presenting them to tourists and the locals. “A desire to relive the landscape with contemporary eyes,” says Barbara. The area chosen for the installations of this first step was the aviary and its surroundings. “A magical place,” she continues, “where we used to come and play as children; with the arrival of spring it really felt like being in fairyland.” They were small stone houses used for catching small birds which were then sold at the market as decoys for hunters. A source of income for farmers at the end of the 19th century. And this is exactly where the works of this project have been conceived and created, a place permeated with memories and a special kind of magic, between a vineyard, an olive grove and a thick bamboo wood. “It would be lovely to create a cultural path in the future,” Barbara concludes, “ an itinerary to bring a new and different public to discover the hilly landscape amongst farms, public areas, historic villas. A new map to discover the territory.” The inauguration was also an occasion to discover some of the company’s products, now fully launched in organic and sustainable cultivation. Ten are the hectares of vineyards (out of the total 30 of the whole estate) with red and white grapes, local and international and 1,650 are the olive trees of the classic Tuscan variety, owned by the Chelini family for the last sixty years. A special protagonist of the day was one of the five wines – two reds, two whites, a limited-edition dessert wine – produced from the vineyards of the Colle: Bianco dell’Oca.

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