by Alessandro Barbati

A start up based on innovation, technology and avant-garde ideas. This is Witapp’s project, a Florentine, information technology engineering company committed to the realization and implementation of Web Platforms and Mobile Applications, which for over more than two years has been developing applications also in the futuristic sector of Mixed & Augmented reality.
As the President Luigi Fici and the managing director Giovanni Pugliese explain, the company is developing products which make it possible to add and to visualize “virtual” objects and information as though they were physically present in reality.
Among the most important projects Witapp is developing, there are platforms for the Misericordieof Italy and for the SDA Bocconi in Milan. For the Misericordie, Witapp is developing a platform and a Mobile Application which will enable all the Italian facilities and all the voluntary workers and/or simple users of the services to dialogue and share information and contents on a national base, rendering the various processes much more simple and immediate. The other application, a flagship of the start-up, is that of the SDA Bocconi which has been included in the list of best Apps for 2017 by Corriere della Sera. The platform is localized in 2 languages (Italian and English) and its main function is that to aggregate contents present on various information sources and integrate services to facilitate access to schools and the students’ lives.

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