True marketing influencing starts with TATAP

 by Maria Teresa Ciacci, ph. Egonipse e Lauro Lenzoni


Our region is known the world over for its landscapes, its culture and art. Not to mention the Italian language which originated precisely from three Tuscans taken as models: Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. But Tuscany also means good cuisine which with its traditions has now reached a certain level of distinction. A tradition able to uphold the direct and often ruthless communication of social networks, the most powerful media in the world. Three young Tuscans, Tommaso Dami, Luca Parri and Vittorio Rossi who, put together, do not reach the age of ninety, have inherited this extraordinary tradition and, well-anchored in their origins, look towards the future taking advantage of the recent habit of immortalizing and sharing each dish, drink, location, that is, each culinary experience, on social networks They have thus created TATAP, a startup which “exploits” this photographic craze and the passion for social network sharing to put restaurants, nightclubs, bars under the limelight. It’s all very simple. The customer, in exchange for a small discount, shares the dish.  That photo, published on Instagram or Facebook through the web app, will be visible on the profile to hundreds, sometimes thousands of friends and followers. A system which gets its inspiration from marketing influencers but built on true, daily relationships and amongst people who really know each other and who, above all, share the same lifestyle. Real people who will surely appreciate that post as true advice from a friend just like what used to happen with word of mouth and which, instead, thanks to TATAP, becomes “social”. This is the huge revolution of this highly innovative startup which has received acclaims and encouragements especially from those young people it is aimed for. A direct system to celebrate the small businesses which fill the streets of Tuscan cities and towns and which honour the area with their passion for what they do. A simple way to award the genuineness of a sincere piece of advice, born from a pleasant experience. TATAP has already received an important acknowledgement having been awarded as a highly innovative Tuscan startup.


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