The 24 finalists of the EneganArt competition at “Museo degli Innocenti”

by Carolina Natoli


A national-scale project, now at its fifth edition, open to all artists and aimed at promoting the best Italian talents which has stirred huge enthusiasm amongst the contestants. It’s the EneganArt National Competition of Contemporary Art whose title and topic was ‘R-Evolution”. The project is promoted and supported by Enegan Spa, leading electricity, gas and telecommunications company. The exhibition was held at the prestigious Salone Borghini at the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence from 12th to 20th October.

The topic ‘R-Evolution” has a double meaning: revolution meaning a radical change in the social, technological, cultural, economic, environmental and ideological structures; but also evolution as a process of adaptive change which all living species go through from generation to generation to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Therefore, there are no contradictions between revolutionary and evolutionary processes because they are nothing but two parts of the same course of development.

The competition was open to all artists, painters, photographers, sculptors, etc.. -professional and not – coming from any part of the world, over-18 and residing in Italy. After the substantial figures of the first four editions, 2019 reached the number of over 1,600 enrolments with the same number of works presented and only 24 out of these were exhibited. Among the artists, some very young artists had the privilege to display their work at the Museo degli Innocenti  in Florence such as a student from the Academy of Fine Arts and others more or less well-known or with some artistic experience to their name.

During the opening ceremony of the 12th October, the 4 winners were declared; these won a prize in cash and a scholarship. This later was for artists studying at the Academy of Fine Art or at Institutes and Schools of design, fashion and visual arts (for a total of 10,000 euros). The winners will also be published in the Art Catalogue. The winning works are now part of the EneganArt collection.

The Adjudicating Panel of this edition included: the world-famous restorer of Cultural Heritage, Giammarco Piacenti, the architect Patrizia Cammeo of the avant-garde movement UFO, the Italian photographer, director and explorer Luca Bracali and the President of the Onlus Save The Planet Elena Stoppioni.


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