Art in his restaurant’s dining room and kitchen

by Susanna Orlando, ph. Nicola Gnesi


A cuisine which is not only inspired by this land’s tradition but by Filippo’s whose historic dishes are now some kind of icon”. This is how an article by an important journalist starts and I would like to add that we cannot live without art because it is “food” for the brain. This is how those places where art is present are,  even when they are not traditionally those where it is displayed as is the case of Filippo ristorante a Pietrasanta. Here, on one of the walls, the same Filippo Di Bartola has generously made space for the creativity of the important masters adding value to food even as spiritual and cultural nutrition and enrichment. Art as a kind of “side dish”. I’ve been following Filippo for about 30 years, since when, still at Forte dei Marmi, he would walk in my gallery and look, enchanted, at the works as he still does today at Pietrasanta. He has transferred this sensitivity to beauty and aesthetics in this latest venue in via Barsanti where, with the aid of “two old friends”, he thought of and carried out a unique project designating a large and important wall to art, well seen from all over the venue with a spectacular, largely contemporary formula. Thus, he involved his artist friends, all of international fame, giving them a topic from the menu, which changes about every 3 months, according to the seasons. In turns, they must draw, paint or sculpt the wall. After a deadline, the work will be completely cancelled, leaving a “tabula rasa” on which another artist can work. Art, culture, beauty and evanescence are the main themes of this wise operation. You will not find paintings or borrowed works of art which have absolutely nothing to do with the place or its philosophy at Filippo’s. This way it will be possible to feel an extra richness, a new sense of harmony. A refined presence destined to disappear. This is what happens with a good dish: after having savoured and appreciated it only its emotional wealth remains. Inaugurating this project was Girolamo Ciulla, a famous Sicilian sculptor who has been living in Pietrasanta for over 30 years, with his work “La capra può entrare nel tempio” (The goat can enter the temple). It is a drawing showing the goddess, Ceres, about 2 metres tall “advancing” towards the restaurant carrying a pile of volumes showing food. His figures, rich in sanctity and mythology, seem to be blessing the guests, the cooks and the waiters and Filippo, looking at his latest creation smugly from above. The restaurant is thus hospitality where the stage is not the chef’s because the reflectors of the soul are aimed at the dining room and the bar, run by the bartender Elisa. Filippo is the landlord of this place which was born for the appreciation of the beauty of food in all its variations and modes.


Ristorante Filippo

Via padre Eugenio Barsanti, 45

Pietrasanta (LU)

Tel. +39 0584 70010

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