Roberto Quagli’s versatile art

by Fabrizio de’ Marinis, ph. Roberto Quagli

Renaissance portraits in a room. Sculpt light with chiaroscuro contrasts, with depth and evanescence. Create an artistic picture where luminosity and shadows blend becoming emotions. Precisely an alchemy of balances and shades which work deeply, take life and transmit the essence of things with unique and intense images.
Research used as a tool for investigation to move forward is for Roberto Quagli, a Florentine photographer, eclectic and versatile artist of light, a bridge towards imaginative and emotional places gaining inspiration from the universality of the infinitive and specifics. He must feel, transpose, listen, come into syntony with the matter and, like a reborn Renaissance person who applies the Leonardesque thought of the projective mind, shape his portraits with light, be they people or things.
Contemporary interpretations, with an ancient and future awareness and which describe the century-old and solid industriousness of mankind where matter takes shape becoming a successful product of Italian make.

For him, brought up in the high Florentine school of introspection and testimony, of investigation and proactive approach – the Locchi archives, the agency, Leader, the photographer Bruno Novaresi are the anvils of this training – photography is a purpose of balances to be made with various tools, lights, shadows, chromatic harmonies, defined hues and depth of field. The camera’s click is automatic, when everything is done and equilibrium reached like in a Zen cathartis.
Thus his pictures take life, his portraits, while the products of his clients become protagonists of unique sceneries, lost in time, immortalized in moments almost eternal and universal. Important advertising and communication campaigns bearing the names of Ferragamo, Frescobaldi with their cellars at Ornellaia, Stefano Ricci, Gucci, Versace, Ungaro, Enoteca Pinchiorri, Piaggio and Reebok just to mention a few amongst tens of others, all founded on timeless values between an enlightened client and an author of vast artistic depth, in a dialogue of Renaissance styles.
Years of searching for equilibrium, of daring and profound synthesis define Quagli’s photographic art. In his heart is the vast open sea he navigates with his wife Maria Grazia, his sailing boat and the skies he furrows in a hot air balloon because nature inspires him. In his “ancient artisan shop”, among his apprentices, he shapes the moment. There, hues, flashes, depths of field, stroboscopic flashes are only multipliers of the ancient wisdom of illusion which becomes emotion, without any more limits, neither of space nor time.

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