Research and creativity in EgonIpse’s works

 by Mark Taylor, ph. EgonIpse


“What you see is relatively important. What’s essential is how you see it.” This thought is what daily accompanies Francesco and Julia in their work behind the lens. Theirs is the story of a couple who fell in love and puts love in their work. Together they have set up EgonIpse, an organisation which together with a small and qualified group of collaborators and friends offers tailor made services to companies especially those in the fashion sector. But their work is not only limited to the “shooting” of photos because everything starts from a project which answers precisely to corporate briefings but which sometimes comes from Francesco and Julia’s souls, from their strong desire and ability to create and interpret. It’s strange how the two come from different cultures and experiences. Francesco was a writer and signed his stories with the pen name of EgonIpse while Julia, after an important stint as account director at OgilvyOne, came to Italy to study art history. “Too different not to be attracted,” they say today, “too different not to clash.” Julia’s planned 3–month stay became 15 years up till today. Right from the start what united them professionally was precisely photography. First, working for San Gallo Art Station of Sandro and Marcello Secci where they carried out the colossal job of creating a photographic archive of all their works. Then, the encounter with the male haute couture company Stefano Ricci and his creative staff directed by Filippo Ricci marked a turning point, or better still, EgonIpse’s turning point. This company develops and produces each and every product handcrafted, from clothes to home collections and this, together with the quality of the pictures, requires continuous research both during the shooting phase and in the postproduction. Thus the experimentation of each creative and productive phase, from the lights to the shooting methodologies to the diverse and different postproduction techniques, have become elements of EgonIpse’s own language, all the more personal and distinctive. Precisely what takes place in this photoshoot where the characters, who represent various disciplines of sport, dance or music, are associated to places which complete the picture for their “visual harmony” and not according to their history or other. No better place than the sea to make Anna Secci, the pole dancer, fly. Barbara Betti of the Chamber Orchestra of New York with her contrabass in Piazza del Campo in Siena. The abbey of San Galgano for the Coro Estro Armonico Fiorentino conducted by the Maestro Lucia Baldacci. Victoria Aletta, ballet dancer of the Barcelona Ballet at the Duomo in Florence. The quarries of Carrara for Giacomo, the guitarist of the metal group “New Horizon”. The vineyards of San Gimignano for Diletta Maria Moschitta, ballet dancer of “Balletto Di Toscana”.

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