by Leonardo Bartoletti

The longing for spring is catching. It brings about a revived yearning to do and discover things and to have a key role in a season able to bring out the very best of all that is beautiful anywhere in anyplace. All this also takes place in our region and, on a smaller scale, in our magazine. Once more, Toscana & Chianti sets off in search of evocative nooks and crannies of a land that is wonderful no matter what season but which, precisely during spring, is able to present itself through colours and fragrances which only in this time of year are highlighted in all their glory. Bestowing amazement and wonder, elements, these, which are fundamental for the framing of that painting that Tuscany is, truly distinctive in the world. Aware as we are that Tuscany is not however the only land able to propose itself so exclusively, we have some news in store for the next issues of Toscana & Chianti amongst which there is also the discovery of places and traditions which, although beyond the borders of our region, have unique features and a clear bond with Tuscany. Little big things which are doubtlessly worth discovering together.

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