Francesca Moretti’s dream come true

by Patrizia Samorì


Petra is found right in the countryside of Suvereto, a cellar designed by Mario Botta following precise instructions from the Moretti family. Gently lying downhill, it faces the sea. Surrounded by vineyards its cylindrical shape includes all those areas necessary for the making of wine, from where the grapes enter to their checking and pressing moving on to the barricaia, the aging and wine making areas leading up to the bottling. There are also areas dedicated to hospitality and tastings. The whole complex is covered in Prun stone while a hanging garden of olive trees finds its way to the top. A very scenic stairway features all the complex but it is also the stratagem which lights the indoors in a very discreet way. It is a kind of reinterpretation of the large villas which are typical of the Tuscan countryside, where the landscape is embellished by the patterns of the cultivations, the vineyards, managing to transmit the culture of a land respecting its harmony. “Petra is a beautiful dream which, like a spark, lit up many years ago on a trip” Francesca Moretti says. “I was 14 when with my father Vittorio, I went to Bordeaux for the first time. And it was right there that I fell in love with the history and culture of the French châteaux starting to cultivate my dream which later became reality in 1997 with the purchase of our estate. Over 100 hectares of land in Val di Cornia. At first it was only an estate in Maremma but during the years we have managed to convert it into something unique”. Petra’s soul is female. Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, Napoleone’s sister, governed these areas for ten years including Lucca and Isola d’Elba and chose this very place to plant, according to Bordeaux rules, the “Vigna della Principessa” (The Princess’s Vineyard): five hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Francesca Moretti later continued her work. “Petra is a female estate, I love saying this not to be rhetoric but to show an undisputable mark of destiny tied to women and their taste in wine. This way even I want to create wines where a sensitive but, at the same time, decided hand can be felt”. In the meantime, during the summer, the stairway becomes a stage for 5 evening events with an interesting cultural programme. From films to jazz music to a “gourmand” appointment with typical Tuscan specialities and, since it is open air a grand finale follows, dedicated to Tuscan cigars together with its perfect match, “L’Angelo di San Lorenzo” vin santo. The evening of St. Lawrence will be dedicated to the stars, to good wines and food with a special live “spaghetti do”.




Località San Lorenzo Alto, 131

Suvereto (LI)

Tel. +39 0565 845308

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