by Leonardo Bartoletti

Amid nature and colours. The beauties of Tuscany in summer move to the coast, firmly convinced about giving unique holidays and intensely enchanting scenery. That which strikes mostly is the ability of our region to renew itself every year, uniquely, in a way that is difficult to reproduce in any other part of the world. It is difficult to find another coast like this one, hinged between the sea and the mountains, between blue skies and beaches stretching out for kilometres. The difficulty of having to say something exclusive at every change of season suddenly becomes easy. Enchantment and evocations blend, each time giving a different and fascinating perspective from every corner of the region. From the inland greenery of the hills to the landscapes overlooking Versilia; from the sunsets over the Chianti to the allure of art which never sets, in spite of seasonal changes. An exhilarating atmosphere which we hope to have adequately proposed in this issue, aiming at transforming Toscana & Chianti in a true and matchless implement uniting Tuscany with all those who, travelling around the world, hold a real and true passion for it.

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