by Carolina Natoli


OIC Group is the international leader in the PCO sector (Professional congress organizer) with head offices in Florence. It has recently launched The Embassy, a new agency which will operate in the communications sectors, digital marketing, advertising and PR. The Embassy, which has its own head offices in Milan, is the outcome of OIC’s need to continuously adapt to the market and social context without stopping at what has already been achieved. This precise philosophy of continuous change and evolution is what has made OIC one of the most important congressional realities on an international scale and thus decide to embark on this new venture.

The Embassy was officially presented during the IF – Italians Festival which took place in Milan from 8th to 10th November. Here, the agency set up an interactive space called “Mind Portraits”. It was in collaboration with Monogrid, an installation made to carry out a social experiment: how much “thought diversity” is there within the community of Italian communication? During the three days of the Festival, the participants were able to have a picture of their own thoughts taken thanks to an “EEG Brian Monitoring Technology”. Thanks to this technology, the visual representations progressively flowed in a large gallery and, at the end of the experiment, it was possible to discover just how different – or how similar – the minds of those in the communications sectors are. This was to demonstrate how The Embassy is an agency made up of people – and intelligences –  all very different from each other, not an easy thing to look for.

The executive figures of The Embassy are the following: Irene Serio, CEO; Nicola Testai, CFO; Silvia Sgarbi, General Manager; Fabio Paracchini, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer/Head of Health; Fabrizio Piccolini, Creative Director; Stefano Zanoni, Creative Director.

Irene Serio, CEO of The Embassy affirms: “We are very excited about the start of this new adventure. For us here at OIC, it represents a challenge and further growth. Vision and foresight are two qualities which enable companies to grow and I believe that this is the secret of the direction we are taking”. Serio continues: “With The Embassy we want to continue managing our work and activities with the same philosophy we adopt at OIC, offering an out-of-the-ordinary point of view and strategy”.

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