by Alessandro Barbati, ph. Michele Monasta, Sesamo Srl

Tuscan traditions at a click.
A special web and mobile platform where to learn about and buy traditional Tuscan icon products. It’s Tuscany is an innovative start up where the seller will be able to have a greater and more ample visibility from a marketing point of view and which gives anyone the possibility to purchase the very best of local food and wine and craftwork online directly from bakers, pastry shops, dairy shops or farms, wine estates etc receiving the product at home, as well as offering the opportunity to book hotels and restaurants.

It’s Tuscany is a territorial marketing project joining the love for Tuscany, the characteristic quality of each single area, the craftsmanship and food and wine traditions to the functionality of e-commerce and online booking, everything just a simple click away, every day of the year.

The portal offers a unique service for Tuscany with the most diverse products which will be the region’s visiting card. The core of the project is a love for Tuscany which is highlighted with a careful selection of high quality products, making the enterprises ambassadors of a regional identity.

The careful eye for detail shows just how much the client’s needs are the priorities of the new project. Those who purchase from It’s Tuscany will also be led in the choice of the product thanks to specialized assistance via emails and chat lines, from the pre-purchasing phase up to the after-sales phase to solve any problems that might have arisen at the moment of delivery.

“It’s Tuscany is promotion, e-commerce, online booking which opens the international market to companies with a brand that is recognizable all over the world,” Daniele Casprini explains, CEO of MPL Italia, the company which manages the platform, “the area, the identity, the Tuscan product are the competitive strength of the network It’s Tuscany. The quality of the excellent products, the typically Tuscan traditions, the passionate history the local companies have, all this is the value of It’s Tuscany a territorial marketing project promoting the uniqueness of the brand, Tuscany in the world.”

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