A destination for all seasons

by Jacopo Carlesi


Hotel Athena, a 4-star hotel with a restaurant boasting local cuisine, is in the historic centre of Siena, close to the medieval walls, a particularly enviable location to reach the famous Piazza del Campo in just a few minutes on foot. However, at the same time it enjoys peace and quiet and most of all, the marvelous Tuscan views thanks to its fortunate westward position. It is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday in every season but Siena is not only the destination for cultural and culinary tours. Indeed a whole new tendency is developing putting the city and its whereabouts at the centre of important and international sporting events such as the cycling races “Strade Bianche” (Gravel Roads) in the beginning of March and “L’Eroica” in October in the Chianti countryside. Moreover, there are the foot races such as the Ultramarathon at the end of February and the trekking one on the Via Francigena in October. The Sienese area is particularly suitable for these kinds of races which take place in the open air, as it reveals its meandering and enchanting landscapes. Sportspeople will find perfect hospitality at Hotel Athena not only for its central position and for its free and guaranteed parking but for all the facilities provided for this kind of stay. First of all, there are the affordable dedicated packages not only including the food, catering to all kinds of diets, but also the “late check-out” useful for a strategic return to the hotel before departure.  A special mention goes to the vast and varied breakfast, served very early in the morning on the day of the races. The buffet goes from American-style breakfast, appreciated for its vast assortment, to the classic, sweet Italian “buon giorno”. Bread, cakes and the confectionery products are hand-made as in bygone days and are well-matched with Tuscan specialities such as cheese, salamis, fruit and a special honeycomb to get the honey directly from its cells. Completing the picture is the parking where not only can you park cars and vans but also racing bikes with a garage purposely for them with all the necessary equipment for their cleaning and maintenance. Hotel Athena offers a comprehensive hospitality, able to grasp the changes and aspects of new tendencies in the area, always ready in “pole position”.

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