by Lorenzo Mercatali, ph Archivio Chianti Classico

Increasingly appreciated even in Italy.
The two Preview days at the Leopolda Station in Florence ended with truly important figures for Chianti Classico: 2,200 people working in the sector, 250 journalists from over 30 countries in the world, 9,000 bottles tasted for 659 labels from 186 estates. A team of 50 sommeliers served also 59 previews from barrels of the 2017 vintage and 92 labels of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. But these figures do not end here. Last year about 37 million bottles in over 130 countries in the world were sold. The two Chianti Classico Collection days is a unique occasion to thoroughly get to know the designations better, their labels and the latest news from one of the most important wine-making areas in the world, that of Gallo Nero. “This year we have reached Florence after a difficult season,” Sergio Zingarelli declared, President of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, “ which, however, we have been able to manage with the best weapons the modern wine-maker can count on nowadays: a deep understanding of the territory and the ability of waiting for the right time. Therefore, if on the one hand we’ve had to acknowledge a significant drop in quantity in the 2017 production, the press and the workers who took part in our event were very supportive about the quality of this last harvest, right from the very first preview tastings from the barrels.
“As usual”, continues Zingarelli, “the Collection exposes and puts these last years’ work up for the critics’ judgement, not just for this last harvest”. The operators were also able to learn about the new Gallo Nero vintages ready to conquer markets all over the world, which has been happening for some time now. Precisely in the last three years, 110 million bottles of Chianti Classico have been sold. In the same period the 23% growth in demand for Gallo Nero on the domestic market has been a huge satisfaction for the Consortium. With the presentation of the Collection, it can be said that “the year of the wine” starts to highlight the importance of this area in its various aspects going from the beauty of the landscapes to the wine-making vocation, to its human and social aspect. “This year’s edition, which is the twenty-fifth,” Zingarelli concludes, “speaks of a huge strengthening of the designation, not only for its economic figures but also regarding the Members’ participation, from the press to the workers in the sector resulting in a historic record.” At the Leopolda, it was possible to taste the oils from 23 Chianti Classico DOP producing farms.

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