Winter, time for snow. Right from the cover take in the emotion of the city clad in snow. But the focus of this number is Leonardo da Vinci celebrating 500 years from his death at the royal castle of Amboise. Instead, 100 years have passed since the birth of Negroni as told by the bartender Thomas Martini at Harry’s Bar Firenze. We’ll talk about art with Marina Abramovic’s exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi and with the work by photographer Roberto Quagli as well as with the collective photographic exhibition where the theme is the Florentine steak, presented at the last Culinary Biennale. Keeping in Florence, we live the uniqueness of an event such as the Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophy. Out of the city, Francesca Soldini recounts winter at the spa in the fascinating Val d’Orcia. After that, we move on to the Casentino to discover the museum of the coloured material of the same name up to the Hermitage of Camaldoli. For good food and good wine, Marco Gemelli tells us tales regarding the search for the while truffles in the land of San Miniato guided by Cristiano Savini, up to Prato where he reveals the cuisine and a recipe by Mirko Giannoni, chef of the restaurant Pepe Nero. Marco Bellentani, instead, describes a brunch in Versilia at Pozzo di Bugia of the chef/owner Gaio Giannelli. But winter is also the time of the olio nuovo(new oil) which we went looking for at Colle di Bordocheo on the hills of Lucca.

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