From lasers for modern medicine to employee’s well-being

by Giuliana Cantini


Mens sana in corpore sano: the multinational group El.En, amongst the most important institutions in the laser world with head offices at Calenzano, inaugurated a new area dedicated to their employees’ well-being.

“We have created new areas to set up the gym, renamed El.En. Wellness Academy. They are spread out over 500 sq.m. fitted out with new-generation equipment and machines and an indoor playing ground for competitions between two/four basketball and five-a-side football players. We thought of having all this surrounded by spectacular murals so we got them done by Ninjaz, a popular street artist of Florence. They illustrate the link between Florence, technology and future, where the human element is one of continuity and union”, Paolo Salvadeo, general manager of El.En., affirms.

The venture is only the latest step in the development of a welfare programme for over 400 employees of the Florentine company started with a remarkable open day for the employees’ families and followed by important investments for healthcare and the canteen.

Those present at the opening with Paolo Salvadeo were Alessio Biagioli, mayor of Calenzano, Francesco Damiani, ex-boxer, WBO super heavyweight world champion, 1984 Los Angeles vice-Olympic champion and coach of the Italian boxers for the Beijing Olympics, Matteo Signani, boxer, Italian middleweight champion and present intercontinental champion in the same category and Giorgio Campanella, ex-boxer, Italian champion who can boast of having knocked out the legendary Olympic champion Oscar de la Hoya. Cutting the ribbon was the ex-world champion and vice-Olympic Long Jump champion, Fiona May.

“This new service is part of the project for the employees which the Company started some years ago aiming at taking overall care of people’s well-being,” Silvia Bucciarelli marks, Personnel Manager at El.En. “It is increasingly important to side each person’s professional training and career path with an investment leading to the creation of a stimulating and fulfilling working environment, which encourages team work”.

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