The best restaurant in San Gimignano

by Jacopo Carlesi, ph. Lido Vannucchi


Culture, history and creativity all fuse together in Tuscan cuisine. These are the features which mark out this exclusive restaurant in San Gimignano, within one of the most typical backdrops of the “towered city”. A place where tradition has handed down the desire to experiment giving way to a culinary proposal of the highest level. This restaurant has obtained extraordinary acknowledgments from people in general and, on its quest for improvement, has obtained its first and only Michelin star confirming the quality and the immense commitment for the area of San Gimignano.
A great satisfaction for the owner, Lorenzo Di Paolantonio, who, together with chef Alberto Sparacino and the staff, all barely thirty-year-olds, has led the small, family-run restaurant to offer a gourmet cuisine featured by a strong identity. Obviously the menu is full of the freshest and most typical products of the area but without setting any geographical limits, a local ingredient is special but a taste might require a particular element, the only objective is to seek the best taste even through new, unknown pairings and solutions.
Dishes like Mezzovo® bring pecorino di Pienza, egg yolk and truffles, produced and gathered locally, into a unique substance for one of the most iconic dishes of the eatery; veal tongue, a typical Tuscan dish, is found here with Asian hints, Moncucco pigeon, fresh pasta prepared daily, the strong flavours of the sauces, fresh herbs; the artistic composition with which each dish is presented to the guest, even if held just for a few seconds in a glance, is responsible for leaving a sign in memory and soul.
Treating oneself to a dinner means plunging into a culinary experience where fragrances, tastes and aromas mingle giving way to a perfect fusion between tradition and innovation. A customer can enjoy a cuisine rich in its own identity in an environment which puts you completely at ease and with all the staff’s effort to convey a certain attachment and respect for the beautiful moment spent together.


Via San Martino 17 – San Gimignano (SI)
Tel. 39 0577 943199
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