by Jacopo Carlesi

A project organized in collaboration with the Meyer Children Hospital Foundation in Florence.
Sebach, leading company in Italy for rentals of mobile toilets, takes heart and supports the Pediatric Cardiology Ward of Meyer with the new 2018 Calendar which, for this year, has its employees’ children playing leading roles. A calendar marked with twelve months full of energy and light-heartedness where the absolute protagonists are kids. It has not been a casual choice but denotes the strong bond between Sebach and the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation, which takes great care of the little ones’ health financing activities of experimental research at Meyer, investing in innovative projects and improving the quality of hospitalization. In this case, and in line with the claim “Ci vuole cuore” (It takes heart), Sebach decided to support the activities of the Pediatric Cardiology Ward in particular by purchasing external pacemakers, that is, temporary pacemakers which help the little patients’ hearts with cardiac arrhythmias to keep a stable rhythm while waiting for a definite pacemaker or a decisive operation.

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