Tradition is the real luxury

by Gianpaolo Ansalone


A story starting in bygone days, characterised by tradition, quality and professionalism. Talking about Cassetti is all this and much more. The company was born in 1926 thanks to the genius and creativity of Renzo Cassetti, heir of Benvenuto Cellini’s tradition and of the master gold and silversmiths engravers of Florence.

Later on, thanks to the intuition of Renzo’s two children, there was an industrial transformation which still makes it stand out today. On the one hand, Maria Grazia, who adds a feminine touch to the “Cellinian” tradition, on the other hand Andrea, who joins technology to business strategies which have brought Cassetti to be what they are today. And it is also thanks to Maria Grazia’s initiative – who has always had a passion for antique and modern jewels and watches – who opened the first Cassetti shop in 1976 in a breath-taking and iconic location such as that of the lounge at Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Today, the Gruppo Cassetti is a solid productive and trading reality which operates internationally in the luxury sector and which has its general headquarters in Scandicci with Cassetti Atelier where objects in precious metals are designed and produced for important events like weddings, happenings and residences, from furnishing to tableware with customized and exclusive designs signed Andrea Cassetti.

The company’s concept then becomes entrepreneurial through Cassetti Boutique, a real and true lounge dedicated to customers, to make them feel at ease. The company has four shops in Tuscany in the splendid location of Ponte Vecchio: Boutique Rolex (the second in Italy), Boutique Vacheron Constantin (the first in Italy), Boutique Cartier and Iwc and the historic multi-brand. Together with these is the shop in Forte dei Marmi divided into Boutique Bulgari, a multi-brand with watches and jewels and an area dedicated to silverware, crystal and antique silverware. The latest in line and with the same setting as the other shops is the Cassetti shop in Prato with a large area for Rolex and also a multi-brand one.

All these shops have a common denominator which answers to the voice of “luxury experience”: a real and true immersion in luxury, dressed with the proficiency of experts and products of the highest quality and make, enabling customers to experience something  unique of its kind.

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