by Giulio Saturnini

Slow philosophy to administer a town: this is the spirit with which Cittaslow was born in 1999, the international network of Municipalities of “Buon Vivere” (The Good Life). A network of communities embracing progress but maintaining, at the same time, the authentic features of their communities, proposing solutions and services enabling the residents to enjoy everything their town has to offer in the best possible way. The network was created thanks to the initiative of the mayors of Bra, Greve in Chianti, Orvieto and Positano, together with Slow Food. Nowadays, Cittaslow counts 241 member cities in 30 countries from all over the world. Every year, since 2006, in Greve in Chianti, a group of people representing the “cities of the good life” get together for “Cittaslow”. For 2018 the appointment is the same as for every year, the second weekend in May (Saturday, 12th and Sunday, 13th) in the main square of the town, Piazza Matteotti. Even this year, the participating towns will be at least 25 from all parts of Italy. Our country boasts 83 Cittaslow towns, from the A of Abbiategrasso to Z of Zibello, from the mountains of Salorno, in Tyrol up to the orange groves of Ribera in Sicily. At Cittaslow, the local producers bring their own wine and food products and typical craftwork. Apart from the sampling and tastings at the stands, the two-day programme is enriched with events recalling the culture and traditions of the network towns as well as debates and activities for children. Alongside craftsmen and experts of the “Made in” agribusiness, an important role will be played by the representatives of the local Institutions: those mayors who keep the Cittaslow network alive year after year. In an ever-more fast paced world, an invitation to make some time for ourselves comes from the square of Greve in Chianti, to drink a glass of wine and enjoy good food in company. To slow down, here more than anywhere else, is the best way to enjoy life.

Greve in Chianti, piazza G. Matteotti
12-13 maggio 2018

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