Tradition is already future at Silvio’s

by Cristina Panigada, ph. Archivio Bagno Silvio


The history of Bagno Silvio is a century old. It was 1919, Forte dei Marmi was becoming a holiday destination for few aristocratic families such as that of Cavalier Alfredo Susini who had a villa on the sea front with a 30-metre beach because the water front did not exist in those days. The nobleman had appointed Pietro Dazzi to look after the gardens but the beach was not taken care of. It was then that Pietro proposed his son Silvio to the owners who became the beach’s warden and life guard. The bathing establishment opened with two cabins for the Cavalier and his guests. Silvio did his very utmost to offer an excellent service. Each year he increased the number of cabins and the establishment underwent remarkable improvements. At the end of the Twenties, the Cavalier, seeing the management abilities in running the establishment, decided to hand it over  to Silvio who gave it his name. Since then, it has always been in the hands of the Dazzi family, handed down from father to son until today where the management is now entrusted to the fifth generation with Gianluca, Luca’s grandson and son of the sister Vanna, the owners. He runs the restaurant with great professionalism and it is now a landmark for eating well in Versilia while his wife Laura follows the 36 cabin tents which are always hired by nearly the same families year after year. This year, somebody is celebrating 66 years of constant and faithful presence. The ambience is very reserved. The Dazzi family do not give in to gossip. Therefore the pictures “stolen” by their friends are the only proof of summers spent at Bagno Silvio. Ugo Tognazzi, Loredana Berté, Renzo Arbore and the 1980s “Quelli della notte” gang are said to have been seen, under the tents or at the restaurant for the famous “spaghettino alle arselle” ( spaghetti with clams) and Vanna’s kitchen garden vegetables at Terrinca;  and also Giancarlo Giannini, Massimiliano Pani, Mina’s son, Fernando Botero, Renato Pozzetto, Tony Renis and Andrea Bocelli when he still did not have his own Bagno Alpemare but also starred chefs like Davide Oldani and Gianfranco Vissani or culinary writer such as Beppe Bigazzi or the “gastronaut” Davide Paolini. Luca, from his “deck”, neither confirms nor denies.



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